Brad's Featured Plants:



The Bougainvillea is another one of my favorite plants. Although Bougainvillea can be quite controversial due to sharp thorns it is one of the most colorful plants in the landscape.





More commonly known as the Mexican Bird of Paradise and sometimes called the Yellow Bird of Paradise. This is another outstanding plant for any desert landscape.






The Palo Verde comes in several different species and new hybrid varieties. My favorite is the Cercidium Preacox or the Sonoran Palo Verde.



Living Desert Landscaping

About Us

We're a seasoned Arizona landscaping company with over 30 years experience in the business. Owner, Brad Lucek, has a BA from ASU in Environmental Resources in Agriculture, is native to Arizona and has always had a great appreciation for the desert. In 2011 Brad earned the designation of Certified Desert Landscaper from the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.

Living Desert Landscaping is a small company providing personalized care and serving customers that appreciate the value plants can add to their environment. We emphasize the “natural look” and try to discourage plants from being trimmed in to balls and barrels. We typically suggest adding colorful plants to your yard and take into consideration the size of the plant and the location it is in for a natural fit.  

We specialize in full service landscaping and irrigation systems and pride ourselves in providing “old fashioned service.” Whether you're looking to design, implement ideas or maintain your current yard, you can count on our dedication and professionalism to do the job right. Please give us a call to discuss how we can best serve you.

What communities do we serve?: Scottsdale, E. Phoenix , Paradise Valley and Tempe.


Who are some of the customers we serve?: Residential or commercial properties 


Contractors License:

ROC 204530