Brad's Featured Plants:



The Bougainvillea is another one of my favorite plants. Although Bougainvillea can be quite controversial due to sharp thorns it is one of the most colorful plants in the landscape.





More commonly known as the Mexican Bird of Paradise and sometimes called the Yellow Bird of Paradise. This is another outstanding plant for any desert landscape.



Palo Verde


The Palo Verde comes in several different species and new hybrid varieties. My favorite is the Cercidium Preacox or the Sonoran Palo Verde.



Living Desert Landscaping


Below are just a few of the wonderful comments from our customers over our 25 years of service.





- Thank! The yard looks awesome. I love it. : ) It's my retreat. Appreciate all the work you have done with it. Have a great rest of your summer. - Deanne


- Looks great, Brad. Thanks. - Bill


-Yard looks great. Let's do more. - Bill






- Good job! I like your suggestions to keep it simple. - Marjorie


- We always appreciate your help and suggestions, especially for the new garden! - Mistie






      • - Thank you for fixing my lights. They look great! – Sandy

      • - Thanks – we like working with you. You’ve got great ideas. – Mary

      • - Thanks for your help. The yard looks great. We love it! - Beth





      • - It has been a pleasure working with you throughout the year. I will call you from time to time to take care of my daughter's home in P.V. - Mr. and Mrs. D. - Phoenix, AZ






      • - I really love my backyard - it's an oasis for us. Thanks for all your hard work and creativity to make it look fantastic. Love - Deanna

      • - Thanks for keeping everything so beautifule! Happy Holidays. Love - Jane. C.

      • - Thanks you very much for taking care of the landscaping at my Cheryl Drive place. It had not been taken care of for about a year. I appreciate you providing your service so quickly. Sincerely. - Julia H.

      • Thanks for a good job. - Jack

      • You have been so dependable and we have become dependent. Thank you for all your years of great service.  - Kenyons

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        - Beautiful job by beautiful people! Thank you. - Charlie H.


        - Thank you for doing it so quickly. – Carolyn


        - The garden looks absolutely beautiful, but then you always do great. Thanks for your special care. Best Regards. – Doc


        - The yard looks great. The guys did a good job. It’s a pleasure to look at the yard. Thanks! – Deanne


        - Looks good. - Jack

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          • 2005


          - Thanks for taking care of the roses. They’re beautiful aren’t they! - R & J


          - Thanks so much! It looks great and thanks for touching up the Palo Brea. We appreciate your help. Take Care. - D & S


          - As I said, excellent job. - Charley


          - I’m very happy the way the lawn looks. Thank you very much. - Dottie


          - Thx for all your help. You did a great job on my trees and yard.  - John







          - I like the plants. They look nice. - Thanks Sharon


          - Front looks much better now. We will do some planting later this fall. Thanks - Jason







          - Thanks for your expertise in taking care of our beautiful roses.  - Dr. G.


          - Thanks so much for your quick service! - Barb


          - Thank you for getting things done for us. – Bill


          - Thanks so much!! We appreciate you! And….your prompt response! – Jean








          - The trellises are beautiful – really helps that area. Good job. - Mrs. H


          - Thanks for all you do for us. We appreciate all of your hard work. - R & J


          - The roses and treks in back are so beautiful. A lot of compliments from residents! Very very nice. – S


          - Thanks for a great job. The front of the house looks terrific. Puts my neighbors to shame! – Jennifer


          - Thanks for maintaining our yard. - Linda








          - Thanks for your help. My patio looks beautiful! - Jennifer


          - The flowers and colors look great. Thanks - Duffy


          - Things are starting to bloom and everything looks beautiful. – B


          - I love what you did at the front of my home. It will be beautiful when in full bloom! – Mrs. Bergesen









          - Just a note to say “Thank you” for the terrific service you’ve given us. With Sincere Appreciation. - R & M







          1999 and beyond


          - Many thanks! – Susie


          - Things looked really good when we got here. Thanks for taking such good care of us. - BR


          - Thank you for my secret garden! - WK


          - Than you so much for the great job of cleaning up 91st Place. It looked great and the new owner was happy. I appreciate your help. – Gloria


          - Thanks to you and your helpers, the flowers look lovely. Thanks so much. - Barbara and Jerry


          - All looks great especially the garden. – Duffy


          - Thanks for all you help. We do appreciate it. - Sincerely Lois


          - Thanks for all of your help today. – Wendi


          - The yard looks great! Thanks – Barbara


          - Thanks – everything looks lovely. - K.


          - Everything looks great! Love the new brick retainer. Thanks. – Jim


          - Once again thanks for your help. – R.G.


          - I love it!! Thanks so much it really looks great. - K.


          - The roses never looked so good. Thanks for your help. – Richard


          - Thanks again for your expertise. – R.


          - Ruth and I feel you did a very good job in the planting of the courtyard – it just looks great and we are pleased with your work. Thanks again. – Wil


          - Thanks for your usual good service. – Laurie


          - Thanks for taking care of the tree – it sure makes a difference! – BR


          - Thank you for taking care of the palms. We really appreciate your good service. – Mark


          - A note to tell you how lovely the patio looks. We are delighted! Thanks. - Maureen


          - Thanks for fixing the sprinklers for me.  – Jean


          - I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you on the landscaping the past two years. You’ve done a great job, and I’m so pleased with the implements you’ve made. I think the place looks great! Keep up the good work! – Marilyn


          - Thanks for the trimming – my Minnesota cousins were dully impressed. They enjoyed the view – from the bedroom as well as a clear view of Camelback from the dining room. It made my dinner party a success! This weekend it will be my South Dakota relatives. – Lauri


          - The atrium looks very nice. Thank you. – Mrs. D


          - Love the plants. Thanks. – Ruben


          - Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on our yard. We received so many compliments at our luncheon. You were part of a most successful event. – S & R


          - Thank you for your fast & excellent service. We very much appreciate your effort. – Don


          - Thanks so much. The yard looks great. Thanks also for the extra trimming you did on the bushes. – Pat


          - I’m pleased with the yard work your men do. Sincerely – Mrs. Burgesen